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Life in schools and universities can be one bustle and hustle, this is mostly because the student environment is often not strictly organized and hence the need to specifically set […]
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Studying in a university can stress you out since you have group projects and extra curriculum activities which consume a lot of time and energy. Well, do not worry as […]
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The life of the average student comes with the need to procrastinate, and yet conserve time and money. Quite the paradox but without it, the life of every single career-chasing […]
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No matter how little you prepped for your Halloween party, some funky cocktails never go amiss. So pick your poison to bring some serious spirit (see what we did there) […]
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Finding yourself constantly asking for money? We understand what a student budget can be like. Which is why we want to show you 5 different and tremendously easy ways for […]
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Are you a newcomer to Birmingham or perhaps a local and interested in finding new attractions around you? Then this is the perfect ultimate guide for you! We’ll be detailing […]
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Have your studies taken you to the bustling city of Birmingham? You couldn’t have made a better choice! Birmingham has amazing student life, from the universities to the lively nightlife. […]
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Life as a university student can be very exciting but also very hectic. Trying to juggle your studies with your social life, visiting family and friends, and other commitments mean […]
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Daily marijuana use among young people of university age has been rising in recent years. The number of young people abusing a number of prescription drugs, alcohol, OTC drugs, and […]
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Your first day of University can be a challenge. Your parents have just dropped you off at your student accommodation, you’ve got a shed load of unpacking to get through, […]
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