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Student Halls in Birmingham
Cadnam Hall Student Gym

Cadnam Hall Student Gym

Over the last couple of years, Premier Student Halls has been looking into what to do with the empty room located next to the front reception. In the past it was previously used a show room. However, after speaking to our students. It was decided that a gym would be best.

Although a common area was a close second, the benefits of a gym, seem far more beneficial. Not only in terms a proximity point of view where the University of Birmingham gym is the closest. But in terms of a mental health and well being point of view. Believe it or not, research has repeatedly shown that exercise can help mental health issues like depression, anxiety and stress through the release of endorphins and psychological mechanisms.

In the Cadnam Hall gym, there will be:

  • Air Rower
  • Smith Machine
  • Dumbbells (2.5kg – 40kg)
  • Cable Machine
  • 2 Benches
  • Spin Bike
  • Multi Gym

As shown in the images Above, we’re nearly there in completing the gym. Because of this, we plan to open in two weeks with inductions being conducted this week and next.

For the moment, this gym will only be accessible to Cadnam Hall/Riverside house students. However, in the future this may be open to Duncan Smith House for full use or for certain classes or times.

Updated Gym

Below are some updated photographs of our gym. The layout has been changed slightly to accommodate all the equipment. Further to this, mirrors have been added next to the cable machine/dumbbell area.