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Student Halls in Birmingham

How to make the most out of your student accommodation


Your first day of University can be a challenge. Your parents have just dropped you off at your student accommodation, you’ve got a shed load of unpacking to get through, and you have to prepare yourself for those awkward introductions with flatmates and University students. A great way to help you relax is to make your student accommodation feel like home, so we’ve rounded up five things you can do to make the most out of your new space.

Buy some high-quality bedding

You’ve heard it before, but getting enough sleep is vital if you want to succeed in class. One of the best ways to maximise your chances of a good night’s sleep is to invest in some high-quality bedding, so go to your local store and find a comfortable, cosy duvet and cover set to keep you warm and snug. Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated set to match your personality, or you want to go old school and bring your Dora the Explorer duvet set from home, you’ll be able to find a style that works for you.

Lighting is important

A desk lamp is a bare minimum, but you should consider adding lighting to your new student room. Lava lamps, fairy lights and DIY lamps are all options to keep you out of the dark and help you through the somewhat gloomy coursework.

Add photos everywhere!

There’s nothing quite like a photograph to remind you of your friends and family. If your room comes with a pin board, add some of your favourite snaps to your wall, or invest in a digital photo frame if you want something to look at when you’re feeling homesick.

Go green with a plant

Adding a plant or two to your student room can give you some much-needed greenery and encourage you to work harder when you have an important essay deadline to contend with. Whether you’re a fan of the good old cactus, or you opt for a miniature tree to keep you company, a plant is a great way to add some greenery and improve your mood. Just don’t forget to water it.

Buy some storage units

The chances are that your room will already come with everything you need to get by – including a desk, wardrobe and bedside table. However, if you’d like to maximise your space and keep everything in its place, then splash out on some storage units or boxes for your room. What’s more, storage units can save you a task, as when it’s time to go home, your stuff will already be packed!

If you’re looking for a premier student accommodation experience in Birmingham, then don’t hesitate to rely on Premier Student Halls.  We’re passionate about delivering high-quality accommodation that makes you feel at home, even when you’re away from your family and friends for study. With en-suite bedrooms, mini-fridges, TVs and all-inclusive Wi-Fi access, we offer an unrivalled student halls experience for Birmingham students. Plus, you can always come to us for advice on all things student! So for top tips, the latest student info and local help in and around Birmingham, keep up to date with us!


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