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How to stay organised at university

How to stay organised at university

Being a university or college student requires excellent organisational skills. Note that you’ll be managing several tasks and activities while you’re at your chosen university. These include your full-course load, part-time job, social and extracurricular activities, and other personal commitments.

Managing too many activities can be tough but it’s still possible to stay organised by adopting these tips:

Have a planner

You can use your planner in keeping track of your assignments, especially their due dates. Aside from that, you can always check your work schedule, meetings, social plans, and other activities. Ensure that you write everything you need to do in your planner.

Create a to-do list

One benefit of having a to-do list is that it provides a sense of fulfilment each time you cross things off. Planning your day and staying productive is also possible with it.
It lets you break down too many activities into smaller and simpler ones. You can even split them across several days. In case you were unable to cross off some tasks on your to-do list, you can always transfer them onto the next day.
However, it’s still best to avoid putting things off for later to prevent your tasks from piling up.

University to do list

Organise your purse or backpack

This is just a simple tip but it is effective in staying organised at a university. Your backpack should always have all the basic things you need.
These include your textbooks, notebooks, planner, laptop, charger, and snacks. Organise them so you wouldn’t have to waste time looking for something each time you need it.

Understand your syllabus

Note that it serves as your course’s ultimate guide. It helps to check your syllabus frequently to avoid skipping anything. A wise tip is writing down the due date of your assignments, as well as examination dates, stated in it at the start of the semester.

Have a designated area for studying

For your study area to be effective, it should be quiet and should have enough lighting. Avoid setting your study area in front of your TV or any other item that might distract you.

Struggling to find the perfect spot for studying at home? Then consider visiting the library regularly. Studying while sitting at a desk or table is also advisable. Do not do it while lying in bed or sitting in a comfortable chair as this might only make you feel drowsy.

Girl studying university coursework

Do not overload your schedule

Avoid signing up for too many extracurricular activities. Only sign up for those that you can handle. The first thing you should do is to figure out the amount of time you need to study. After that, you can pick one or two extracurricular or recreational activities you love.

Avoid panicking

Panicking won’t solve anything. No matter how many tasks you need to complete at a given deadline, you should stay relaxed. Each time you feel panicky, try to relax and take deep breaths. Make it a point to tackle one task at a time, too.
By staying organized at university, you can maintain your focus. It lets you enjoy university life since you’ll have the perfect balance of school, fun, work, friends, and relaxation.

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