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Is your student room big enough?

Is your student room big enough?

With prices increasing and the availability of rooms and housing decreasing throughout the year. It makes it harder for everyone to find their ideal student room. However, apart from price, location and reviews; how can you make a decision on a room?

Perhaps room size might be the next best metric! According to Statista, in 2019, the average size of a en-suite room in a purpose built student accommodation (PBSA) in the United Kingdom (UK) was 13.4 square meters. Moreover, studios on average were 20.6 square meters.

In comparison to our en-suite rooms, they’re averaging 16.39 square meters and 22.3 square meters for our studios.

How does this compare to housing? Although there’s not much data available online in regards to student room sizes in HMO’s, we can look at the minimum size required. For Birmingham HMO’s, it’s legally required for:

  • A bedroom/study where all occupants of the house have access to a separate communal living room – 6.51m²
  • A bedroom/study where all occupants of the house do not have access to a separate communal living room – 10m²

For more information you can use the below link: https://www.birmingham.gov.uk/info/50248/houses_in_multiple_occupation/2176/what_is_a_house_in_multiple_occupation_hmo/3

Ultimately, finding accommodation can be a difficult task if you want to find your ideal accommodation. On the other hand, taking into account, location, price and size may give you a good starting point to finding value for money. More importantly a place which will support you throughout your studies.

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