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Spooky start to term! Cool halloween cocktails for all year round


No matter how little you prepped for your Halloween party, some funky cocktails never go amiss. So pick your poison to bring some serious spirit (see what we did there) to your parties all year round.

With the festival still lingering on in our decaying carved pumpkins and cobwebs that we can’t be bothered to take down, enjoy on of our top 5 gory-ous (and cheap) Halloween cocktails for your ghosts – sorry – guests.


1. Zombie Apocalypse Cocktail

This cocktail is less for the faint hearted, and strictly not for these who’s brain tends to turn to zombie mush after only one or two drinks. But it certainly is a head turner! Perfect cocktail to freak out your Halloween guests.

In a mixing glass, combine some crushed ice, 1-ounce fresh lime juice (or cordial), dash of cinnamon, 1 ounce light and dark Rum, Tequila and Vodka. Top up with ginger beer and two dashes of grenadine (or blackcurrant cordial).

To go that extra gory mile, you can add trickle a shot of baileys in the top to finish which will immediately curdle… this makes it the legendary Zombie Apocalypse Cocktail! Finish this and you are sure to win points with your housemates.

2. Poison Apple Cocktail

This energetic green mock-tail is a tasty alternative for those doing a Dryathlon or who’d prefer something soft.

Add the juice of half a lime and lemon and use leftovers to decorate. Fill half with apple juice and top off with lemonade or tonic water for a more refreshing version. You can also always add vodka (or another spirit) to taste to make it alcoholic if you wish, or swap the lemonade for a lambrini bubble (or prosecco if you want to splash out!).

3. Zombie Brains Cocktail

Ready yourself for this pleasant but deadly concoction. It’s rum city man.

Mix 1-ounce light rum, 1-ounce dark rum, and 1-ounce gin in a cocktail mixer. Top off with OJ and 2-dashes grenadine (or blackcurrant cordial) but leave enough space to float the 1-ounce rum on top. Finish with ice.


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