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The best University study tips

Uni study Tips

Studying in a university can stress you out since you have group projects and extra curriculum activities which consume a lot of time and energy. Well, do not worry as I am here to help you out. I am going to give you university studying tips. Believe me, after going through the following tips you will no longer worry about passing your university exams if you follow them accordingly.

Never study in your bed

Your bed is for sleeping only. When you study in your bed with the mentality that the bed is for sleeping, you will always feel the warmth of your duvet pulling you to sleep and finally you will give in and sleep immediately.

The study in groups

Forming discussion groups is the best ways to help you pass your university exams and attain good grades. Study groups bring people together and with different people come different ideas. You will exchange ideas and all of you will be on the same page. The best thing about study groups, they boost your self-esteem and you feel less alone.

Look for past exam papers

University lectures tend to repeat past questions from past exam paper. If you go through past exam papers the final exam will not catch you off guard, you will have gotten familiar with the questions and topics.

Take short breaks

University cannot be all about study, study, study. Do not overwork yourself, you need to take short breaks from your revision to relax your mind. You can grab a coffee or a snack.

Avoid cramming

Instead of cramming you should revisit your notes. If you stress and overwork your brain by cramming, anything that you will have read tends to be erased from your brain easily. Revisit your notes instead of cramming and everything you read will be fresh as you enter the exam room.

Do not dwell on one topic

Avoid sticking to one topic. You should have a plan of the materials you are going to need and list down the topic to study before the study session. Dwelling on one topic will get you bored and exhausted quickly.

Take good notes

Take good lecture notes since you will be using the notes for your own study and revision. If you take down bad notes they will always mislead you. Use an assorted colour of pen for the topics and subheading. Using a distinct colour of pen on the topics makes it easy to spot the topic that you want to study.

Get the perfect study time

You should consider studying when you are not exhausted instead, you should study when your mind is still fresh. Morning hours are normally the best time to study for better concentration. It also helps to study in a quiet and calm environment.
Good studying tips will result in passing exams and get that good grade that you have always been dreaming about. Above all the studying tips I have listed you should always have a positive mind in everything you do. I believe that a positive mind gives positive results.

Always have a relaxed mind and do not stress yourself. If you feel stressed, take your mind off the things that are making you feel stressed and take a deep breath. Deep breaths always work trust me.

We hope these studying tips will help you in your next exam, looking for student accommodation that will have quick access to the University of Birmingham? Then we’re the perfect thing for you.


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