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Tips on coping with loneliness at University

Tips on coping with loneliness at University

Being in a university can become overwhelming at times. You see a lot of students going on and about their lives, studying, meeting up with their friends, joining extracurricular activities, etc. In the middle of everything that is happening all around you, amidst all the ruckus and noise, you find yourself in a situation where you are afraid, unmotivated, and even sensitive—deep inside your thoughts, you feel empty, you feel lonely.

You just feel like even doing the basic chores and simplest things are a burden, where you’d feel burned out and think that no one can ever understand what you feel. You are afraid to even ask and open up to your closest friends. So, if you feel like any of these things, I am going to provide some tips to help you get through this one time.

Try reaching out to people

As nerve-wracking as it may seem, and even though you think that people won’t get what you go through, try. Just try reaching out to them and tell them what you feel. Talk to the people you trust most – your best friend or your family members. They all have been through their own storms and can help you out when you’re the one drowning in your waves of thoughts.

Struggling to cope

Take one day at a time

Continue living and searching for the beauty of life through making yourself engaged. Don’t sulk in your bed and overthink everything that is happening in your life; it will not help you. It would just make you feel worse, so instead, you should get up and do things. Keep your mind preoccupied with things that matter.


Change your perspective, change your outlook on life. Maybe today is really bad, but it provided you with lifelong lessons that not even the happiest moments of your life can show you. The darkest times in your life make you human. It’s the essence why we sympathize with other people. It is only through suffering where we can appreciate everything we have.

woman with Depression


Don’t remain stagnant, move your body. May it be only through walking along the streets while listening to music or listening to podcasts that can inspire you to get back on track. The fresh air and beauty of nature or the world can help you seek your motivation.

Contact home

Remain connected with your family members, especially during the time that you haven’t adjusted to your environment yet. Display something in your room that reminds you of home—a picture, stuff toy or anything that holds sentimental value to you that can remind you of your family.

It will all make sense again

One day, you will just look back at the hardest times you’ve been and remind yourself that you have gotten out of that storm, maybe you may not know exactly how you got out but one thing is for sure— that ever since you’ve come out from that storm, you’ve changed and became a better human, wiser than you were, and even more beautiful. Your rock bottom will remind you how precious things are, and appreciate them even more. You are stronger.

We hope this article has given you some self-improvement tips, if you’re looking for friendly student halls in Birmingham who eases you into student living, the experts here at Premier Student Halls are always on hand to help. Please do feel free to give us a call on 01926 857077.

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