University or college residence halls are in a shape that calls for some level of interior decoration to make them more aesthetically pleasing. The common components of these halls often […]
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If you’re not yet ready to dive into the workforce after getting your university degree, there are many options available such as graduate programs and further studies here and abroad. […]
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The moment you’ve been accepted into the university, there a lot of things that you’ve got to think about. One of the very vital things to consider is the university […]
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Are you a college student? Living in student housing the centre of a city and don’t know what to do? The much-awaited season, summer is here and you need to […]
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Good nutrition is a prime part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy as a student can help you maintain both a healthy personal life, and a healthy future, as […]
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Being in a university can become overwhelming at times. You see a lot of students going on and about their lives, studying, meeting up with their friends, joining extracurricular activities, […]
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Many people tend to think that University students usually have it easy; attending a couple of classes and then lazing around the entire weekend. However, this is far from the […]
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Living in a big city like Birmingham can be expensive when it comes to dinner-time. Even just around the corner from our Duncan-Smith Halls, there are many tempting restaurants to […]
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Life in schools and universities can be one bustle and hustle, this is mostly because the student environment is often not strictly organized and hence the need to specifically set […]
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Studying in a university can stress you out since you have group projects and extra curriculum activities which consume a lot of time and energy. Well, do not worry as […]
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