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  • Student Accommodation Pricing

Welcome to our student accommodation pricing comparison page, where you can find the best value for your money.

As a student, finding the right place to live is a top priority, but it shouldn’t have to break the bank. That’s why we’ve created this page to help you easily compare our prices with those of other providers in the area. With our competitive rates and all-inclusive amenities, you’ll find everything you need to make your home away from home comfortable and affordable. Browse our table below to see how we stack up against the competition, and book your perfect room today.

Student Accommodation Pricing

Type of Room

Average prices

Our Price (51/45 weeks)

6 Bed Flat (En-suite)   £197  £170-175 Per Week
5 Bed Flat (En-suite)   £201  £185-195 Per Week
4 Bed Flat (En-suite)  £197   SOLD OUT
2 Bed Flat (En-suite)  £210  £139-149 Per Week
1 Bed Studio (En-suite)  £230.17   SOLD OUT


Type Of Room

Our Price (51/45 week tenancies)

Cadnam Hall
6 Bed Flat (En-suite) / Classic Room  £170/175 per week
6 Bed Flat (En-suite) / Deluxe Room  £185/195 per week
5 Bed Flat (En-suite) / Deluxe Room  £185/195 per week
4 Bed Flat (En-suite) / Classic Room  SOLD OUT
1 Bed Flat (En-suite)  SOLD OUT
1 Bed Studio (En-suite)  SOLD OUT
Duncan Smith House
2 Bed Flat (En-suite) / Classic Room  £150/155 per week
2 Bed Flat (En-suite) / Deluxe Room  £160/165 per week
8 Bed Flat (En-suite) / Classic Room  £145/150 per week
8 Bed Flat (En-suite) / Deluxe Room  £155/160 per week

*Limit on 45 week contract

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