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Student Halls in Birmingham

Parent Zone


University is a big step and the beginning of your son or daughters journey into adulthood. However,  not all appreciate just how hard it is for parents.  Some are sending their children miles away and some for the first time. Because of this, we understand parents need to be sure they will be safe, secure and enjoying the next stage of their life.

Below, we hope to reassure you on some questions that we frequently receive from parents and to also provide you with peace of mind that Premier Student Halls Student Accommodation is the best place for your some or daughter.



As a family run business and MLAS Accredited (Midland Landlord Accreditation Scheme) Landlord. We take your son/daughters tenancy very seriously, ensuring we meet all regulations and also going the extra step to ensure that they will happy with their room/flat, prior and during their stay with us.



The reception is open 9-5 Monday through Friday, closing for lunch. The reception is available for Cadnam Hall, Riverside House and Duncan Smith House.



We have a security patrols in the evenings, CCTV, bike sheds, emergency contact numbers (For out of hours) and a fully integrated fire detection system. All of which are functioning or accessible 24/7.



Our maintenance team are on site Monday, Wednesday and Friday to deal with any issues that your son/daughter may have. We also have contractors accessible for anything which would need to be resolved immediately. Our reception can also resolve most if not all minor issues, so that it avoids any inconvenience.


What is the area like?

Harborne is a lovely quiet area of Birmingham. In fact, Harborne was previously voted one of the ‘best places to live’ in The Times. You can find more information on our blog. Click Here.


Yes, but for the common areas only. The kitchen, communal areas and corridors are cleaned weekly.


We have gated parking and also posted parking which can be booked prior to moving in or at a later date during the tenancy.

What does it mean to be a guarantor?

Most student accommodation requires a guarantor. This would make you responsible for any rent payment not made.  To be a guarantor, you would need a clean credit history and be able to provide income details (to our referencing company, Rent4sure) to cover the rent.

In the worst case scenario; if there is any damage to the property deemed to be caused by the tenant and they do not pay for it directly or it is too much to be covered by the deposit, then we would come to you.  Again this is standard in all student accommodation.


What is your allocation process?

As a smaller company, we are able to be more thoughtful with the allocation of rooms. For example we wouldn’t allocate a 1 year student to a room which shares a flat with 5 post grads or vice versa.

Because of this, some students prefer single gender flats, some prefer to stay within their study field – medicine, or law for example.  Regardless of the request, we always endeavour to make for a harmonious flat. However on some later bookings, this is not always possible.  Students are advised on their options, when this is the case.

Bedding & kitchen Packages

We want to make moving to Premier Student Halls as easy as possible, you can order bedding packs, kitchen packs & other homeware essentials here.
You can select delivery directly to any of our properties or your home before you leave.

Will my son/daughter be happy?

Of course! We have all the benefits of Halls with all the independence of a house. The rooms are of an exceptional size and standard, all with their own bathrooms, at least a double bed, lots of communal space and large kitchen, well ventilated and cleaned weekly.

We also provide plenty of freebies throughout the year as well as conducting free events so that students can meet each other and can relax during times of studying.

Furthermore, we encourage students to speak with our team should they have any issues, whether it be their wellbeing, their flat, or their university experience.

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