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The moment you’ve been accepted into the university, there a lot of things that you’ve got to think about. One of the very vital things to consider is the university checklist. In this list, you must ensure you include and put them in their categories so as not to miss to pack any important items. Some of us are light packers while others are not.

Irrespective of this fact, you must start out of those things that are almost basic for you whether you are or aren’t in the university set up. To help you include the right items in your university checklist, here is our list:

1. Documents

There are certain documents that must be on your list no matter what. These include forms of identification such as the passport, your driver’s license (in case you do have one), the acceptance letter and all other official university correspondence, contract and accommodation details, all correspondences to student loan, details of your bank account, national insurance cards, discount cards for students, bank card and insurance documents. All these documents should be kept in a safe place in your room or in the wallet to always know where to look when you need them.

2. Electricals

There are a number of electronic items that you must include in your university checklist. It’s however, good that you bring only those that you’ll need to use. Electronic items to include your mobile phone and it’s charger, desktop computer or laptop, extension cables, iPod or an mp3 Player, camera, small TV, speakers, a USB memory stick, headphones, an optional game console and desktop printer which is also optional. It’s a good idea to take insurance for those electrical items that may be costly before you go to the university.

3. Stationery

Here, it’s ideal to go for stationery that isn’t overly expensive. In this category, the most important items to include pens and pencils, A4 Blinder, A4 Lined Notepads, Post-It notes, diary/ calendar, Stapler, course readers plus other books for study, highlighters, sticky tape and paper clips. These are the basic stationery items that should be basic for any university checklist.

4. Kitchenware

In the category of kitchenware, you need to contact the university residential services to know what will be and what won’t be provided. This way you’ll be better placed to know what to include. Basically, the items to have in the list include crockery enough for just you, cutlery for one person, other utensils, frying pan and saucepan, scissors, oven gloves, baking tray, recipe book, Tupperware containers, sponge and washing up liquid and finally, snacks.

5. Bedroom

When deciding on the kind of bedding to include in your list, you should contact your university’s residential services to inform you on the sizes to buy. However, the basic items here include mattress protector, duvet and pillows, pillow and duvet covers, laundry bin, desk lamp, clothes hangers, alarm clock, blankets and earplugs. These items are very vital if you’re to be comfortable sleeping. Certain items like the blankets should be more than one as it can really get cold.

6. Clothing

The clothing that should be included in the university checklist are casual clothes, underwear, dressing down and slippers, winter coat and jacket, gloves, scarf and hat, smart office outfits, sportswear, fancy dresses and shoes.

7. Bathroom

In the bathroom category, be sure to include items such as toothpaste and toothbrush, shampoo and conditioner, wash bag, soap, deodorant, shower gel, shaving/ razor foam, hand towel, two towels, toilet roll, hairbrush, washcloth, sanitary towels/ tampons.

8. Healthcare

Healthcare items are also very necessary to be included in the checklist. The most basic items include glasses and prescription, personal medication and prescriptions, first aid kit, multivitamins, condoms and/ or birth control pills, details of Doctor’s surgery and current GP.

These are the 8 basic categories of what a new university student should include in their university checklist. With this, you’ll be able to get a smooth start at the university life and grow on to be able to have a good quality of life while you’re there.

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