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5 Time saving beauty tips and tricks for busy uni students

5 Time saving beauty tips and tricks for busy uni students

Life as a university student can be very exciting but also very hectic. Trying to juggle your studies with your social life, visiting family and friends, and other commitments mean that you are constantly on the go. This leaves very little time to relax and take time out or for luxuries such as being able to take your time when getting ready to go out.

Fortunately, there are a number of simple yet effective tips and tricks that can help to save you time and effort when it comes to getting ready. If you live in shared student accommodation or in student halls like our Cadnam Halls, you are probably limited with regards to the amount of time you have to get yourself ready, so these tricks and tips can really help.

5 key tips and tricks to help you look fly on the fly

When you are rushing to get to classes or even rushing back from classes in order to get ready for a night out, you need to be able to get your face on quickly. These simple tips will ensure that you always look great despite only having a limited amount of time to do your makeup. If you are on a tight budget, as many students are, these tips can also help you to save money.

  1. Focus on the essentials: Rather than trying to apply every makeup product you can think of, simply focus on the essentials. Some concealer, a little eyeshadow, lip tint or lipstick, and some mascara will take just minutes to apply and won’t cost you a fortune. You can also invest in black eyeliner, which will enable you to transform your natural day look to a glam evening look in an instant.
  1. Use versatile products: Buying versatile products that can be used for multiple purposes can prove very helpful and can save you money. For instance, you can opt for BB cream rather than foundation for both hydration and a healthy glow. This is quick to apply and suitable for both day and night. Also brown eyeshadow (or other shades to suit you) work as a great natural-looking eyebrow filler.
  1. Sign up to a beauty website: Another great tip for students is to sign up to a beauty and makeup products website. This will give you easy access to makeup and beauty products without having to go out to the shops. You can also get some great money saving deals and offers on products when you subscribe. Or signing up to a student deals website such as studentbeans.co.uk, you can get free samples of top quality make up like Clinique or Lancôme when they bring out a new range. Nifty!
  1. Organise your makeup bag: When you are rushing to class, the last thing you want to do is have to empty out your makeup bag to find the products you need. With this in mind, keep your makeup bag down to the essentials that you use daily and put occasionally used products away in drawers.
  2. Purchase some dry shampoo: As a busy student, you probably won’t have time to wash your hair every day. However, you can get some really good dry shampoo products that you can simply spray in on days where you don’t have time to wash. These can stop your hair from looking greasy and leave it smelling fresh.

We hope you enjoyed our handy tips make for you time-strapped uni students, and that they help you save time and hassle when getting ready! For more information on things you might need to take to university, check out our Information for Students page.

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