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10 Mind-blowing student hacks


The life of the average student comes with the need to procrastinate, and yet conserve time and money. Quite the paradox but without it, the life of every single career-chasing young person would most definitely not be the same.

So, without further ado, let us delve into the most interesting, inventive and yes – time and money-saving hacks there are. Please note that the following list is not ordered by usefulness or creativity, it is simply a mish-mash of ideas to help a quad-canvassing art student get to their first class on time, a physics student to make time to finish that paper for extra credit, and overall – a helpful tool to reach an easier, less burdened lifestyle.

1. Gummy-Bear Study Method – Nom Nom!

Highly effective and overall yummy. Gummy bear option is changeable – a Ding-Dong, jelly bean or a Hershey Kiss will do well, too. Reward yourself by eating one piece of candy after every section of study material. Soon, your brain will absorb information more smoothly and you will have satisfied your sugar cravings.

2. DIY Speakers

Use a phone in a glass as a speaker/sound system/alarm clock amplifier. Missing volume at a party? Is your alarm clock broken, or you’re just a heavy sleeper? This hack has got your back.

3. No more leakage!

The wooden spoon over a boiling pan trick. Stops any leakage should the water start to boil over. This hack helps busy students and/or those who are out of their depth in the kitchen, struggling with freshman life.

4. Quick Breakfast

Scrambled eggs in the microwave: easy-peasy. Breakfast done in a tick, and you are on time for your first class – even though you’d much rather be sleeping in.

5. Keep your Pens!

Sick and tired of everyone and their brother asking you if you’ve got a pen they can borrow? Put blue ink in a red pen. No one will ever think of asking you for a red one!

6. Keeping it Cool

If your air-conditioning is down or if you simply don’t have air-conditioning, you can hang a wet towel (wring it thoroughly) over an open window. The room temperature should plummet significantly.

7. Turn Warm Drink Cold, Fast!

A wet paper tissue around a beer bottle then placed in the fridge should make the beverage nice, chilly and good to go in around 15 minutes for those with a short amount of time.

8. Be a Master Presenter!

Presentations can be a drag, and sometimes, really terrifying. Maybe you haven’t got the knack for public speaking, or maybe you’ve stitched the thing up in 15 minutes and are hoping for the best? Simply ask one or several of your friends to stand up and ask questions you already know the answers to. No one will be the wiser and you will appear suave and above all – well prepared.

This is also wonderful way to help yourself to become more confident if you do struggle with that whilst doing presentations or public speaking!

9. Savour your Pizza

Leftover pizza is a staple item of any dorm. So, when your fridge is empty, and that greasy thing is looking at you all funny – don’t throw it away. A minute in the microwave with a glass of water and it will be as good as new – yum!

10. Never be Late!

Let your class schedule be your phone lock screen – at least for the first weeks of a new school year. It minimizes the chances of being late or of forgetting an assignment!

We hope you gather some inspiring ideas from this to take into the real world! Good look out there, are you looking for student accommodation in Birmingham? Then you have come to the right place, view our student accommodation and if you have any questions please do feel free to give us a ring with 01926 857077.