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What to do after University: Options available if you want to stay at the University

What to do after University: Options available if you want to stay at the University

If you’re not yet ready to dive into the workforce after getting your university degree, there are many options available such as graduate programs and further studies here and abroad. For many graduates, continuing to study is an excellent option since it provides extraordinary flexibility and more opportunities to get their dream career.

Career fairs, career guidance centers, and graduate offices are helpful places to help you make the right choice. Use them in order to get information or meet people who can guide you to become the successful person you wanted to be. Usually, universities have their former students to help out newly graduates decide which type of further study they can pursue in line with their career goals.

Different Options Available For You After University

Spending three to four years studying in a university makes it hard to live life outside the classrooms, libraries, and the student community. Though it can be tempting to travel and work abroad, here are some options if you want to stay at the university after graduation:

Professional education. If you know what specific career you want to pursue, getting an additional professional education can help you develop your skills more. You can apply for further studies related to your degree in the university to beef up your professional qualifications.

For example, if you graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communications, you can study a foreign language or get another diploma in literature or creative writing to augment your skills and knowledge.

Postgraduate studies

Other types of further education after graduation include a master’s degree and doctorate (academic and professional). Both will give you the opportunity to advance your knowledge since you’ll be studying in-depth a specific aspect of your undergraduate degree. Both will also provide you with more opportunities in the career path you want to take. Certain fields such as medicine, education, social sciences, and law require further studies and post-graduate degrees.

On average, a master’s degree takes up to 2 years in order to complete. On the other hand, a doctorate can take 4 up to 7 years to complete.


There are many internship programs, paid or unpaid, you can choose from based on your undergraduate degree. Go to the admin office to inquire if there are internship programs you can apply for inside the university. Internships generally vary in intensity and duration, but they are a great way to gain work experience as well as references you can use in finding a career job.

Working Holidays

If you want to travel abroad, you can work while studying another course. There are many universities across the globe that offer work and study programs. Usually, students get to study for free but they need to work for the university. This is a great opportunity to enhance your skills and augment your knowledge while getting to travel to other places.

A college degree along with post-university studies can be helpful in improving your employability. The challenge is finding the right postgraduate path that can fulfil your career expectations.